1. Improve dynamic wrinkles : forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, bunny lines
2. Square face, Let the face become thin
3.V face lift
4. muscular calves, muscular calves
5. buffalo hump
6. Hyperhidrosis, improve body odor

action principle

After botulinum toxin is injected into the muscle, it binds the numerous tiny nerve fiber endings in the muscle and inhibits the Acetylcholine secreted by the nerve endings. The Acetylcholine cannot be secreted, the muscles cannot contract, nor does the glands, to achieve the effect of eliminating muscle spasms.


It is currently the No. 1 botulinum toxin brand in Korea.
1. High quality: Requires stricter QC standards than Korean food and drug management.
2. High standards: The entire production process is protected by patents, and high-purity products are completely extracted, and the quality is stable.
3. High efficiency: short treatment time and quick results
4. Small wounds, short recovery period
5. High safety, does not affect normal work and rest

Case Studies


Botox is a neurotoxic protein secreted by Botox. After injection, it binds to nerve fiber endings to inhibit the release of acetylcholine to block the conduction of nerve muscles and achieve muscle relaxation and reduce the production of dynamic lines.

Under general conditions, the treatment effect may last from 4 months to 6 months depending on the patient’s physical conditions. Treatment effect may fade away faster for those who use their muscle frequently, take on irregular daily routine, stay up late at night, and experience greater stress.

  • Emoji Patterns: Some people gradually feel the effect about 2 weeks, and the complete effect varies from one to two months depending on their physical fitness.
  • chewing muscle national character face, V face outline lower chin lift : it takes about 3-4 weeks to gradually feel muscle softening and face shape changes, and the complete effect varies from one to two months depending on the individual’s constitution.
  • Leg muscles: due to the thicker muscles, it takes about one to two months, and the leg shape will gradually begin to soften and change. The effect is most obvious in about one to three months depending on the individual’s physical fitness. It is recommended to wear as little high heels after injection to maintain a longer effect.
  • Hyperspiration: some people gradually feel less sweating for about three weeks, with a complete effect ranging from one to two months depending on their physical size.

Depending on each person’s physique and the speed of metabolism, it varies from person to person. The original recommended injections of 4 to 6 months. Some people want to stay in good condition without wrinkles and continue to inject when wrinkles appear.

In order to avoid the effect of the spread of botox on treatment, please do not massage the injection site within four hours after injection, and do not lie down and do intense exercise. A small number of people can relieve their cold skin without affecting the rest of life due to temporary itching or bruises and swelling in the injection needle hole.

Original factory certified

Before surgery

  • 患有神經肌肉連結障礙和重症肌無力者等,不建議施打肉毒桿菌。
  • 患有嚴重呼吸系統疾病,請主動告知醫師,作為療程可行性的評估。
  • 請主動告知醫師自己的過敏史和手術史,做完整的術前評估。
  • 治療處皮膚正在過敏或發炎者,須待症狀舒緩,方可進行注射療程。
  • 對肉毒桿菌素成分有過敏者,不建議施打肉毒桿菌。
  • 哺乳中、懷孕中的人,不建議施打肉毒桿菌。


Postoperative care

  • 注射後4小時勿按摩注射處,勿躺平、低頭或劇烈運動,避免擴散作用而影響效果或產生不良症狀。
  • 若注射處有瘀青或紅腫可適度冰敷舒緩。
  • 兩週內避免長時間日曬、三溫暖、SPA等高溫活動,避免用熱水洗臉減少肉毒桿菌因熱加速代謝。
  • 一週內請勿服用A酸或果酸類藥品。
  • 一週內避免使用酸類、美白、酒精、去角質類保養品,加強防曬和保濕。
  • 肉毒小腿術後請盡量減少穿高跟鞋、久站、激烈的腿部運動等,以便維持良好的治療效果。
  • 治療效果並非當天就會出現,都需要時間讓肌肉放鬆達到效果。
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.