LED light therapy mask
LED light therapy mask
How LED light therapy mask works?

The LED mask is a painless, non-invasive, and side-effect beauty treatment course. It emits blue to red light with visible wavelengths. These wavelengths are between 400 and 700 nanometers in the electromagnetic spectrum, which can improve and repair different skin problems.


■ Red light (639nm)
1.Stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastin

2.Promote blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and accelerate wound healing

■ Yellow light (591nm)
1.Promote melanin metabolism, brighten skin tone
2.Soothes sensitive skin and provides skin’s absorption of skin care products

■ Blue light (468nm)

1.Can inhibit the growth of acne bacillus and reduce the secretion of skin sebaceous glands2.Improve the problems of acne and pimples


1.Medical-grade beauty treatments

2.Three different types of light, which can be customized for different skin ages and skin types.

3.Unique antibacterial surface cloth laminated with food grade silicone technology to replace traditional facial masks.


Step 1. Remove makeup and wash the face.

Step2. Selected light mode

Step 3. Apply dragon blood serum mask and put on the LED light therapy mask.

Step 4. Put on moisturizing serum and sun care products

Yes, and the use of LED light therapy mask after laser operation will promote blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and accelerate wound healing, soothe sensitive skin and increase the skin’s absorption of the repair essence. It is very suitable for use after laser operation.

Because everyone has different problems and needs for improvement, the most suitable operating frequency will be given according to your skin condition at that time. Because it is a non-invasive treatment, deep maintenance can be done once a week at the earliest.

Pre-Operative instructions
  • Not suitable for skin allergies or allergic dermatitis
  • Take the initiative to inform what medical and aesthetic treatments you have done recently.
  • Not for pregnant women.

Post-treatment care

  • There is no downtime. You can apply makeup immediately.
  • If it is combined with laser treatment, you need to follow the care and maintenance of laser postoperative instructions.
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.