Ultrasound Moisturize Machine of Facial Treatment

Ultrasound Moisturize Machine of Facial Treatment
Action Principle
The instrument vibrates at a high speed of 1 million times per second to produce deep massage to increase the gap between cells, bring skin care products into the deep layers of the skin and absorb moisturizing ingredients. The rapid activation of skin tissue cells can produce:

1. Warming effect: The friction between cells generates heat. This warming effect improves local blood circulation, relaxes tight muscles, and stimulates cell activation.

2. Mechanical effect: Help human cells produce subtle fluctuations to achieve the effect of massage, and improve tissue metabolism.


3.Chemical effect: Help the skin absorb skin hormones, soften cut in, smooth fine wrinkles, and restore smoothness and suppleness to the skin


1.Rejuvenate skin

2.Enhance skin’s moisturizing function

3.Relieve postoperative dryness and redness

4.Shows the skin’s suppleness and transparency


Step 1. Makeup remove、wash face.


Step 2. Apply the essence evenly to the whole face for ultrasonic introduction.


Step 3. Apply moisturizing masks to continue keeping the moisture into the skin, and then depend on the condition of the skin to match different light pulses to polish and tender skin meters.


Step 4. Apply moisturizing essence and  sunscreen.

If you want to clean acne completely, this treatment can be improved with facial laser or HydraFacial .

The ultrasound moisturize machine will be completed from the chin, right face, left face, forehead to nose. The whole process is like a facial massage, and it won’t hurt at all. Many guests are still asleep for this!

Because each person improves problems and needs differently, you will be given the most appropriate times of operation according to your skin condition. Because it is a non-invasive course of treatment, deep maintenance can be carried out as soon as possible every week.

Preoperative instructions
  • The skin is allergic or has wounds or skin infections ( e.g. herpes ) is not suitable.
  • Serious acne people need to reassess whether they can do it.
  • Proactively inform you what medical treatments have been done recently.
  • Pregnant women are not suitable for pulse lighting and tender skin.
Postoperative care
  • Introduct moisture according to the recommended frequency, and the effect is better maintained for a longer time.
  • Only by living normally and paying attention to the protection of bullets can the skin be transparent and elastic.
  • If you want to achieve a complete whitening effect, applying sunscreen can also be carried out with bits and lasers.
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.