2. Melasma
5.Age Spots
6.Nevus Zygomaticus
7.Nevus of Ota
8.Uneven Skin Tone

action principle

“Picosecond” represents the unit of time, which is 0.00000000001 second, it is 1000 times faster than the “nanosecond” of the general laser. This makes the time for each energy of the picosecond laser to stay on the skin extremely short during treatment. , The instantaneous energy is stronger, the high-speed shock wave effect can disintegrate the melanin as fine sand, make the metabolism faster, and will not produce the heat energy that causes the skin to turn black.

Picoway picosecond laser has the characteristics of holographic focusing technology combined with holographic diffusion effect and double-layer focusing. The holographic diffusion effect through the 360° holographic diffusion of high-speed picosecond light waves effectively stimulates the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, just like a three-dimensional filling function in the skin to start skin repair in an all-round way. Dual wavelengths can focus deeply on the dermis layer and shallowly penetrate the dermis layer to form a double layer effect. Adjusted for different skin problems, the treatment range is wider and the effect is better.

How does Picoway picosecond laser effectively break up pigment spots?

Dual wavelength: The safest wavelength for Asians, and can remove multi-color tattoos.

Highest instantaneous energy: produce light shock effect, break the pigment spots even more.

The shortest pulse time: to remove the small particles of pigment that are difficult to remove.

Comparison of instruments

Advantages of the Instrument

Picoway picosecond laser has the advantages of epoch-making picosecond technology and has obtained the dual certification of US FDA and Taiwan TFDA.


1.Safe and won’t let the skin turn black.
2.Better effect, fewer treatments.
3.No wound, repair quickly.
4.Less skin damage and improved comfort.
5.Suitable for Asian skin, not easy to reverse whitening or side effects such as PIH, HYPO, etc.
6.The dual-wavelength probe has a deeper treatment depth and provides the most applicability.


The number of PicoWay treatments depends on your skin condition and treatment goals. At least 3 to 5 consecutive treatments. The recommended interval is once every 3 to 4 weeks. The actual treatment plan should be evaluated and recommended by a professional doctor on the spot according to your skin condition.

Some patients experience short-term effect such as redness, itching, mild burning, swelling, and temporary bruising. Pigmented areas may appear darker or lighter for the first several days.

After the treatment must strengthen moisturizing and the sunscreen.  

Avoid behavior that may cause skin irritation or infection within one week of treatment.

EX: Facial therapies, facial mask, exfoliation, irritating care products.

You can do the makeup, face washing immediately, but the following behaviors are not recommended; use hot water to wash face, hot springs and sauna.

The main purpose of treatment for scabs is that superficial spots will fall off at the same time as melanin and scabs. Deep spots need to bring energy into the dermis, and then the skin will repair the melanin by itself.
  • The spot can get scab: Freckles, spots, age spots
  • The spot can’t get scab: Whitening skin, Nevus zygomaticus, birthmarks, Melasma

傳統雷射的治療原理是「熱效應」,透過黑色素吸收熱能後PicoWay laser is Picosecond laser uses extremely short pulse output to crush melanin therefore it has low to no downtime.

In fact, the treatments provided by the Yachiyo Medical Beauty Team are reasonably priced. Since we will not reflect the cost of expensive equipment to customers, nor will there be excessive marketing expenses for consumers to digest, we can maintain reasonable prices and provide good service quality. Let customers feel at ease to enjoy the process of transforming beauty, this is our spirits!

Before Treatment
  • This treatment is not suitable for those with light-senoitine skin or with excessive keloid.
  • Those who were diagnosed with chronic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes should have their controlled with medication. Those who are allergic to certain pharmaceuticals or have special physical conditions should notice us in advance.
  • One week prior to PicoWay© treatment, please stop the retinoic acid treatment, alpha hydroxy acids treatment, exfoliating treatment, or chemical peel treatment.
  • Prior to PicoWay© treatment, please stop the intake of retinoic acid tablets for a total of 3~6 months.
  • One month prior to PicoWay© treatment, please avoid doing sunbathing or bathing, SPA.
  • If you have any of the following conditions, please consult your doctor in advance to confirm whether the treatmentis appropriate.
  1.Overseas tours and outdoors activities are discouraged right after the treatment. 2. Those who are pregnant or diagnosed with urticaria, viral infection, skin lesions, blood disorders or immune system abnormalities should inform us in advance. 3. Since the treatment may result in recurrence of the herpetic labialis, those who are diagnosed with recurrent herpetic labialis should inform us in advance. 4. Those who have major diseases, take special medications, have skin abnormalities should also inform us in advance.

Original factory certified

After Treatment
  • After treatments, patients may experience temporary discoloration or rednev around the treatment area. Ice pack may be applied to reduce the symptoms. Some patients may also experience a temporary lighting of the following treatment. By applying the prescribed ointment, the skin would restore to its normal skin tone.
  • Within Five days after treatment, irritating products such as acid or exfoliating substances should be fully avoided. After treatments, some small scabs may appear on your face, which is a normal reactim, please wait patiently until they fall off naturally on theirown.
  • After treatments, make sure to preserve the skin’s moisture and improve protection from the sun. Please reapply the sunscreen lotion (SPF25~30) once every 3 hours. Also, make proper use of the sun umbrella and sun hat as necessary.
  • After spot removal treatment, please use warm water to pat the treated area gently instead of wiping or rubbing it hard.
  • Within one month after treatments, make sure not to receive other laser or intensive pulse light treatment. It is recommended that 1~1 ½ month of time interval is passed between fraxel laser treatment session.
  • Within one week after treatments, make sure not to engage in the hot bath, sauna, steam bath, swimming, hot spring, or go to hot places to avoid loss of skin moisture.
Before & After
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.