1. Large pores
2. Treat acne scar
3. Fine wrinkles
4. Hair loss

Action principle

LAVIEEN(Thulium Laser,1927nm), well known as BB Laser, shows significant brightening outcome, accelerating melanin metabolism、lightening spots and whitening. It is a non-ablative skin resurfacing and rejuvenation laser delivering remarkable results with minimal downtime. Moreover, LAVIEEN is excellent way to treat Melasma, Pigment lesions, wrinkles, large pores by adjustable energy intensity and pulse duration simultaneously during procedure.
  • Improve skin elasticity and pores
  • Random out-put mode can reduce sense of pain
  • Less downtime
  • Easier for after care
  • Can be used to stimulate hair follicles on the scalp to achieve hair growth


Lavieen laser mainly treats deep pores, stimulates the proliferation of collagen, and fills the pores from the inside to the outside.


If it is a pigmented acne scar, it is recommended to refer to Picoway laser.

The laser treatment is a step-by-step therapy.

Generally, it is recommended that more than 5 treatments have a better result. According to Individual person’s constitution so the therapy of frequency will be different. It is recommended to do it once a month.

Lavieen laser advantage is have no downtime and can Immediately put on makeup.

Lavieen and Eco2 laser each wavelength and type of laser is usually best at targeting one particular skin component. Doctor will recommend thatboth laser together can help the skin improve more obviously.

After the operation, the skin will become red and there will be a slight burning sensation. Generally, it will gradually subside after a few hours, and you can wash your face and make-up normally.

After the treatment must strengthen moisturizing and the sunscreen.   

Avoid behavior that may cause skin irritation or infection within one week of treatment.

EX: Facial therapies, facial mask, exfoliation, irritating care products.

You can do the makeup, face washing immediately, but the following behaviors are not recommended; use hot water to wash face, hot springs and sauna.

  • Those who have light-sensitive skin or just have sunbath.
  • People with long-term diabetes or hemophilia.
  • Those who take anticoagulant drugs or have abnormal blood coagulation function
  • Have keloid physique.
  • People who often suffer from cold sores
  • Those who have not stopped acid peels for more than two weeks.
  • Pregnant

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After care
  • After treatment, the skin will feel red and swollen. This is normal and will disappear gradually.
  • Can have daily routine and lightly make up.
  • If after the therapy, your skin still feel heat and redness can have ice pack to relieve this condition
  • The brown scab will fall off naturally, please do not remove it.
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.