3D Facial Lift
3D Facial Lift

With three different probes, the 3D facial lift can be used to treat large, medium, and small areas:


1. Large areas include arms (bingo wings), abdomen, waist, buttock and thighs.
2. Medium areas include face, jaw lines, and neck.
3. Small areas include eyes, fingers, and other subtle parts.

action principle

Safe and non-invasive, 3D Facial Lift is an all-around treatment course. Currently approved by FDA and CE, a 3D facial lift can be conducted repeatedly to provide non-pain, treatment experience with no post-opertine scar and very short recoueny period. After receiving this treatment, your facial lines and wrinkles will be effectively reduced to generate a smooth, compact, and youthful skin.

Three types of patented electrodes are arranged in a special way to gain a precise control on the electrical current. Under electrostatic repulsion, some nearby electrical charges are passed into the deeper skin layer to deliver their effects. Through progressive thermal approaches, treatment is applied on shallow, medium, and deep skin layers to stimulate collagen formulation. In general, 3-D facial lift treatment is ideal for improning slagging cheeks, eye wrinkles, double chins, or even neck wrinkles.

There are three mecharismsof 3D facial lift’s sction

Smooth: Stimulating skin regeneration.
Tight: Inducing collagen formulation.
Plastic: Heating fiber septum.


1. Very safe
2. Comfortable and warm, don’t need anesthetic, almost no pain
3. No repair period
4. It can be treated as small as fine lines around the eyes and Cellulite on the abdomen
5. You can feel the firmness immediately, and you can achieve better results after several treatments


Gentle and safe, 3D facial lift is suitable for intensive treatment will be more effective.

Basic treatment takes 6 times to complete, with an interval lasting 1~2 weeks between every 2 treatments. After a total of 6 treatments are completed, 1 maintenance treatment may be performed once every 2~4 weeks depending on the patient’s personal requirements.

Treatment experience got warm and comfort, with no postoperative scar and very short recovery period.During treatment, the skin has a warm feeling, almost painless, after use, the skin sometimes appears slightly redness, after a few minutes will be fade away.

Depending on one’s age, skin conditions, and post-treatment care, treatment effect may last for several weeks after the first treatment session. However, with very good post-treatment care, treatment effect may last longer, mostly for about half a year.

Since 3D facial lift neither leaves you with any postoperative scar nor affect your daily routine, you can put on makeup after treatment. In order to maintain the thermal effect, please do not use cold water to wash the treated area on the day right after treatment.

3D Facial Lift belongs to the type of maintenance, and can start to maintain skin elasticity without limiting age, but from 35 to 60 years old, it is not recommended to rely on 3D Facial Lift alone because of the decline in cell regeneration capacity. Doctors will recommend combining with both “Ulthera” or “V-Loc Lifting” to help the skin to return to a tight state, and the earlier the better the treatment effect.
Before Treatment

As an efffective anti-aging technology, 3D facial lifting is applicable to nearly everyone. However, if you have the following conditions, please ask your doctor to see if it’s an appropriate treatment for you:


  • D Facial Lift is not applicable to those who have an artificial pacemaker or internal electronic device installed, or who are, pregnant, have scleroderma, lymphedema, or any severe skin problemsuch as, skin inflammation, dermal allergic reaction, or filler injection on the treatment area, or being too old / too young in age (with less obvious treatment effect).
  • Those who are suffering from chronic diseases (such as hypertension or diabetes) should have their disease well controlled with medication. Those who are allergic to certain pharmaceuticals or have special disorders or conditions should notice the doctor in advance.
After Treatment
  • Very short recovery period, no anesthesia needed,few risks or side effect. After the operation, you may experience some redness and swelling of skin around the treated area, which will gradually fade away in a couple of days.
  • In order to maintain the thermal effect, please do not use cold water to wash the treatment area (nor use the ice pack) on the day right after treatment.
  • Within 1 week after treatment, it is recommended that you put on no makup or very light makeup and facial isolation sunscreen to give your skin some breaks.
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.