Chemical Peeling
Chemical Peeling

1. Block and prevent the formation of melanin
2. Brightening
3. Metabolize acne, treat acne
4. Oil balance, regulate the skin’s sebum secretion
5. Exfoliate old dead skin cells and soften skin

Action Principle
The AHA of chemical peeling is extracted from fruits. The AHA is used to reduce the adhesion between the skin cells in the outermost layer of the epidermis, help the skin to remove the aging keratin accumulated in the outer layer, accelerate the metabolism of the skin cells, and promote the order of the skin cells. , Make the skin look natural and smooth.
Type of AHA

■Mandelic Acid
Pure lipophilic AHA, it is mild and non-irritating. It can inhibit propionibacterium acnes, treat acne, regulate cutin and unclog pores, so that acne is not easy to form. It can also improve dullness and dark brown acne scars


■mandelic acid + pyruvic acid (MPA)
It is also mild and non-irritating, because the small molecules penetrate the stratum corneum quickly and deeply, which can proliferate collagen. It also has the function of moisturizing and locking water, which can reduce dryness, desquamation and redness after peeling.


1. No mineral oil, no alcohol and no artificial coloring
2. Non-home AHA, high concentration medical-grade AHA with good effect
3. Suitable for skin with acne, and skin with strong sebaceous glands and oil secretion
4. Available for sensitive skin and rosacea skin


Basically, it is possible.

Every time you do an AHA peel, your skin condition will be evaluated again. Thin-skinned and sensitive areas may be avoided. However, if the skin has prolonged redness and swelling and persistent tingling, please return to the clinic.

In order to the skin’s metabolic cycle. Generally, it is recommended to schedule an AHA peeling every one to two weeks.

AHA will shed old cutin in the epidermis and increase collagen in the dermis. The skin will not become thinner under professional operations.

AHA already has the effect of metabolizing old cutin and using other physical or chemical exfoliating products can easily cause excessive exfoliation damage to the skin, so it is recommended not to use other exfoliating products within a week.


The molecule of pyrogluconic acid is smaller than mandelic acid, so it has a better absorption and penetration  effect. It can act on the bottom layer of the skin more deeply and accelerate the metabolism of old cutin.

The clinic will recommend the type of AHA according to your skin condition, and then make a choice after consultation and evaluation.

Before Treatment
  • Not suitable for people with dermatitis, special skin diseases, and allergies to related ingredients of medicines
  • If you have previously used laser treatment or performed any surgery in the treatment area, you need to inform us in advance to help us evaluate the progress of the treatment.
  • It is forbidden to apply acid skin care products, acid drugs, acne medicine, sunbathing, exfoliating, whitening ingredients, alcoholic ingredients and other irritating maintenance on the treated area one week before treatment.
  • The treatment time is about 10-40 minutes (depending on the individual’s skin condition and treatment site), but due to the preparation time and the maintenance process after the treatment, at least 1 hour of treatment time must be reserved.
  • People with abnormal immune system function should be informed in advance.
  • Patients who have been treated with radiesse, hyaluronic acid, artificial dermis, collagen and other fillers in the past month should inform in advance.
  • People with special constitution, special allergies, and special skin diseases must be notified in advance.
  • Those who take special drugs for a long period of time must inform in advance.
  • Female patients must confirm whether they are pregnant before the treatment.
Postoperative care
  • There is no recovery period after the treatment, you can work normally and put on light makeup. A small number of people will have some redness, desquamation, scabs and temporary roughness. Don’t worry, they will disappear in about 1 to 3 days. Remember not to scratch it. If you have any questions about treatment, please call us.
  • Within one week after chemical peeling, it is prohibited to apply various AHA, acne medicines, exfoliating, whitening and alcohol-containing skin care products or cosmetics to the treatment area. Moreover, strengthen moisturizing.
  • Strengthen the use of sunscreens and physical sunscreens (such as coats, parasols) within one week after chemical peeling, and prohibit sunbathing, sauna, hot springs, barbecues and other activities that may increase skin temperature within one week.
  • In the diet part, you can also avoid irritating diet or excessive drinking, which can restore the skin to the best condition. In case of special conditions, you can discuss and evaluate with your doctor. Perfect maintenance actions after the treatment can make the treatment effect better.
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.