1. Nasolabial folds / Marionette line
2. apple cheeks
3. temple
4. cheek implant
5. tear trough
6. Lip

feature of product

Animers uses CHAP® cross-linking patent and innovative silk technology to create a smooth and stable hyaluronic acid colloid.
Its unique silkization technology can adjust the hyaluronic acid chain and resolve it to make the texture of hyaluronic acid appear silky, creating a unique “Silky Forming” (Silky Forming), but it will not lose the three-dimensional characteristics of hyaluronic acid. It can make the micro-plastic surgery effect lasting for a long time, and it is more natural and without traces.


A new generation of subcutaneous filling agent, using CHAP (Crosslink Hyaluronic Acid Platform) patented silking technology to create product advantages:

  • High tissue tightness: the texture of silk conforms to muscle tissue,
    It is not easy to shift and can present a natural appearance.
  • Easy to shape and use: the shape can be adjusted easily, it will not be too sticky to be flattened, and it is not easy to agglomerate
  • Stable and reduce water absorption: The texture is skin-friendly and not hydrophilic, reducing water absorption and swelling. Stable postoperative effect.
  • Stable and reduce water absorption: The texture is skin-friendly and not hydrophilic, reducing water absorption and swelling. Stable postoperative effect.


Case Studies


The time will vary with different doses and parts, and it can be completed in an average of 10 to 30 minutes.

The effect is immediate, coupled with the special texture of ANIMERS, more changes can be made, and consumers’ feelings are more obvious

Generally, the treatment effect can last for 8 months to 12 months.

According to each person’s physique and lifestyle habits, the maintenance time will also be affected. Such as drinking, smoking, etc.

There will be some micro-needling sensation and slight swelling during the application. The size of the wound is about the size of the pinhole, which is acceptable to most people.

The products are all certified by the FDA, can be absorbed and metabolized by the body, and will not accumulate in the body causing the risk of hardening and cancer, so it is very safe.

However, the human face is covered with dense blood vessels and nerves. If the filler enters the blood vessels by mistake, it may cause vascular embolism, causing serious complications such as soft tissue necrosis, blindness and even death. Therefore, it is very important to choose qualified and experienced physicians.

Original factory certified

Before surgery

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not suitable for Animers injections.
  • Those with a history of severe allergies are not suitable for Animers injection.
  • People with keloid physique are not suitable for Animers injection.
  • Those who are taking anticoagulants, aspirin, ginseng, ginkgo, and garlic extract may cause more bleeding or bruising on the treatment site.
  • Those who have had rhinoplasty are not suitable for Animers injection.
  • Those who have inflammation or infection at the injection site or nearby skin must wait for the inflammation to relieve before they can undergo the course of Animers injection.

Postoperative care

  • Apply ice immediately after the injection to reduce blood stasis and redness, also avoid makeup at the pinhole within 24 hours.
  • It may have some temporary numbness, slight redness, or itching in the treated area is a normal reaction, and it may last for about 3-5 days depending on the person.
  • If you have subcutaneous bleeding (bruising) 2 days after the injection, you must follow the doctor’s advice to deal with it. Please refrain from self-administration, and avoid having facial or exfoliation to prevent infection.
  • Within two weeks of the injection, the injection site should be cleaned gently, without exaggerated expressions (such as laughing, etc.) on the face, and avoid rubbing or pressing hard.
  • Within two weeks of the injection, avoid going to high temperature places, steam baths, saunas, etc.
  • Within 1 to 2 weeks after the injection, you will feel a sense of tightness at the injection site, and after a period of time, the treatment site will become soft.
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.