1. flaccid of apple cheeks
2. Nasolabial folds / cheek meat / Marionette line
3. mandible lines
4. Alleviate signs of aging
5. double chin

Action Principle

V-Loc is treated by minimally invasive surgery. It uses a minimally invasive wound to implant the surgical thread under the skin at the forehead hairline and near the back of the ear, and it could be absorbed by the human body. It will support skin structure and use the small barbs to lift up the sagging tissue, so the effect of tightening can be seen immediately.

The wounds of V-Loc are as fine as a pinhole and recover quickly. The material used is absorbable by the human body, no stitches are required, and no scars are left. It makes the face look more V, firmer, and leaves no traces.

Product advantages

1.No need for surgery, high safety

2. Small wounds, short repair period
3. Immediate results, high satisfaction after surgery
4. No need to remove stitches, the body can absorb it by itself
5. Can be used with other micro plastic surgery

At present, the only legal barb wire of the Taiwan Department of Health is V-LOC, QUILL (also known as feather line), Silhouette Sutures (also known as bell line). V-LOC has been widely used in surgery for many years, and the quality is better, stable and safe.

Case Studies


Because everyone’s skin is relaxed and different, the number of lines required varies. Most of the guests need to do is about 8-12 lines (four to six cheeks on one side), and the actual number of lines still needs to be evaluated by a professional doctor.

Including rose line, bell line, inverted hook line, Quill and so on, the difference is that it uses thread produced by different companies, which is essentially long inverted line. Be sure to ask whether it is a legal wire for the Ministry of Health and Welfare and can be demolished in front of you to achieve safe and effective treatment. I also rest assured that the Yachiyo Cosmetic clinic only uses professional surgical lines approved by the Taiwan Health Department.

Depending on the patient’s condition, the age of the treatment and the degree of skin relaxation will affect the duration of the treatment. According to the doctor’s experience, most of the effect can be maintained for 1.5 to 2 years, depending on the severity of the individual’s aging.

The side effects may include mild swelling, minor bleeding, skin contracting or a feeling of having foreign matters under your skin, which are all normal post-surgical conditions.

Of course, Ultra V Face-Lift can be combined with any facial filling treatment or Uthera, and the effect can be complementary. Face filling can make the originally dry skin ( cheeks dented ) look bulging; it can also be made of Uthera to improve skin quality and compactness.

Before Treatment

1. Communicate with the doctor about the expected results and post-operative maintenance
2. No makeup, sauna, drinking, spicy food on the day of treatment
3. Unsuitable patients: people with diabetes, hemophilia, keloids, severe allergies, pregnant women, cancer patients, and immune system insufficiency.

Original factory certified

Postoperative care

1. It is normal to have redness and swelling after V-Loc. If you feel uncomfortable, you can continue to apply ice and it will gradually disappear.

2. Please don’t touch the treatment area and avoid raw water within 24 hours, also do not use any irritating skincare products, and put on the artificial skin protection provided by the clinic

3. Avoid hot springs, steam baths, saunas, do facial and exfoliation within two weeks after the operation, and reduce exaggerated expressions (such as laughing) to avoid pulling sensations.

4. A small number of customers will experience bruising, which will gradually subside after a few days.

5. If you find any discomfort, please return to the clinic immediately.

※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.