ECO2 Laser
ECO2 Laser

1. Shrink pores
2. Pit acne scars
3. Scar tissue
4. Smooth fine lines
5. Smooth fine lines

action principle

The ECO2 Fraxel laser adopts a segmented and stepwise progressive treatment method, with micron light spot output, which can reduce the area of skin wounds and completely get rid of the bloody wounds after traditional vaporization lasers.

The evenly dispersed laser beam heats and destroys the skin surface and dermis, which vaporizes the skin tissue, stimulates the skin regeneration response and achieves the therapeutic effect. For shallow cavities, it can effectively destroy the fibrous tissue pulled under the scar, promote collagen regeneration and reorganization, make the skin firmer and improve the depth of the cavities, while the effect on deep cavities is limited.


1. Easy to take care of after operation.
2. The treatment depth is fixed, the energy is stable and accurate.
3. Short treatment time.


Everyone experiences discomfort to varying degrees.

We recommend to apply the Anesthetic cream before the ECO2 laser.

eCO2 is a newer and safer laser, patients often experience improved comfort, fewer risks and faster recovery times.

After the treatment your skin will have redness, swelling and peeling is normal.

Usually the recovery time will be in 1 week.  

Generally, common large pores are divided into oily type, aging type and pseudo-large pores. All three types can be treated with ECO2 laser. However, local peeling and crusting may occur after the operation. For patients who need a shorter recovery time, Pico laser is another option. It is recommended that professional doctors have seen the assessment on the spot to be more accurate.

he laser treatment is a step-by-step therapy.

Generally, it is recommended that more than 5 treatments have a better result. According to Individual person’s constitution so the therapy of frequency will be different. It is recommended to do it once a month.

After the treatment must strengthen moisturizing and the sunscreen.  

Avoid behavior that may cause skin irritation or infection within one week of treatment.

EX: Facial therapies, facial mask, exfoliation, irritating care products.

You can do the makeup, face washing immediately, but the following behaviors are not recommended; use hot water to wash face, hot springs and sauna.

Before Treatment
  • pregnancy
  • open wound or skin inflammation in the treatment area
  • light-sensitive skin or lupus erythematosus
  • Those who are allergic to topical anesthetic or who were diagnosed with herpes simplex or cardiovascular disease should inform their doctor in advance.
  • Those who are pregnant, have light-sensitive skin, or open wound or inflacontion should consult their doctor in advance.
  • Two weeks before treatment, retinoic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, and excessive sunlight should be avoided.
  • Laser treatment is not appropriate for dry, itchy skin, or skin with sunburn, eczema, folliculitis, or hyper-pigmentation.
  • Those who are allergic to topical anesthetic agent should inform their doctor in advance.

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After Treatment
  • After treatment, your may experience some reddening and swelling of skins around the treatment area which will fade away in a couple of days.
  • After treatment, you may wash your face and apply some light makeups on the next day.
  • After returning home, please apply an ice pack to the treatment area if the symptom recurs.
  • Brown scabs will gradually fall off on their own. Please do not peel or rub hard on them.
  • After treatment, please apply the creamor ointment as prescribed by the doctor. Do not use other unprescribed agent or stop the medication prematurely.
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.