Thermag FLX

Thermag FLX
Thermage FLX Phoenix Radiofrequency [Ministry of Health Medical Device Registration No. 031638]


1.cheek sagging

2.Nasolabial folds / cheek meat / ptosis of labial angle

3.mandible lines flaccid

4.ptosis of eyebrow / Ptosis

5.Chest wrinkles

6.Neck flaccid

Action principle

Using patented radiofrequency (RF-Radiofrequency) technology and 3D volumetric heating principle, it precisely penetrates the SMAS for heating and the heat will be transferred to the collagen-filled dermis and subcutaneous tissues stimulates the proliferation of collagen to achieve a firming effect. One treatment can make the skin smoother and firmer, and with the new collagen reaction, the aging state will continue to be improved, and the skin will be rejuvenated.

Advantages of the instrument

The new generation Thermage®FLX is an all-round vibration, which is currently the least painful radio wave skin lifter, and improves the degree of contact between the probe and the skin.
The breakthrough AccuREP intelligent energy optimization technology, with the best energy customized by 4 kinds of probes, automatically and accurately detect the needs of every inch of skin.
Features of Thermage
  • There is no recovery period, it is a non-invasive treatment
  • 1 session of AccuREP™ smart energy optimization technology
  • Double approval of the U.S. FDA and Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • 3 D heating increases the repairing power of collagen regeneration
  • 4 kinds of probes to customize the treatment for whole body skin


Most patients can feel the firmness of the skin immediately after treatment. With the proliferation of collagen in the skin, the firmness of the face will become more and more obvious in about 1 to 3 months.
About 1 to 3 months after Thermage FLX treatment is the time for collagen proliferation, and at the same time the skin firmness is more obvious. The overall effect can generally be maintained for about 1 to 2 years, and the duration of maintenance will vary with each person’s skin condition and daily routine.

The Thermage FLX system incorporates vibration on the face and body treatments, which has been shown to help aid in patient comfort.


You’ll feel a brief heating sensation when the treatment device’s tip touches your skin, followed by a cooling sensation to help protect your skin and minimize any discomfort.

On the day of treatment, only a slight redness and slight heat sensation will appear. Most patients return to their regular activities immediately following treatment.

Thermage and Ultherapy are non-surgical treatments.

The main difference between Thermage and Ultherapy is the type of energy each uses to restore collagen production.


Ultherapy targets areas beneath the skin with focused ultrasound energy, using the right temperature to support collagen regeneration.

Thermage uses radio frequency technology to heat the deeper layers of your skin that are rich in collagen. The applied heat then causes collagen to contract and encourages new collagen to grow.


It is recommended that the doctor evaluate your skin condition and customize the lifting treatment that is most suitable for you.

※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.