Q-switched Nd:YAG laser

Q-switched Nd:YAG laser


1.Oil control acne
2.Purifying exfoliates the skin
3. Desalinate deep and veneer spots.
4. Improve uneven skin tone and whitening
5. Remove tattoos.
6. Body whitening.

action principle

Using a new generation of technology than traditional lasers, the Jacob laser system is turned on and off with the Q of segmented photo-thermal method (ECO2 function). At the same time, the “cellular membrane waveform” beam is used to enable the laser beam to act evenly on the skin and equipped with special high-tech transmission, so that the laser point can be transmitted in the form of a cell membrane. Contact, the laser penetrates deeper. It can effectively disperse deep-layer stains while reducing the damage caused by laser to surrounding skin tissues.
The special “cellular membrane waveform” allows the laser beam to act evenly on the skin. The laser energy is more even. The special segmented photo-thermal method can produce 81 equal-energy light spots at the same time in the 5cm square, which is 8 to 10 times higher than the traditional laser. With the world’s specialized low-temperature shuttle probe, the discomfort is greatly reduced when receiving treatment, and beauty can be faster and more comfortable. Suitable and efficient!
Advantages of instrument
1. Multi-effect laser. 2. Energy is more stable and safe. 3. Two-wave laser 1064nm: Treat dermal pigment such as Nevus zygomaticus, nevus of ota…, the production heat can stimulate collagen and flex fiber, so it can also achieve the effect of skin tightening. 4. Low pain, not easy to anti-black. 5. There is no recovery period, and makeup after surgery. 6. The journey is short, fast and convenient. 7. High safety and small side effects


Depending on each person’s skin and treatment program, the number of times which is needed varies. It is recommended that the professional doctor be advised to evaluate the actual skin condition. Basically, the effect of skin laser regular treatment more than 5 times is more obvious, but if the pigmentations are deeper, it might need to do more times. Treatment is recommended to do once every two weeks, some people use it as skin care with long-term fixed casts.

Lasers mainly strengthen acne metabolism, so the deep dirt of the skin is metabolized, after that, the skin will naturally and healthily metabolize dirty.


But it is still necessary to strengthen moisturizing to avoid oil and water imbalance caused by pores again blockage.

Laser treatment will takes away the moisture of the skin and also shrink sebum glands, reduce oil secretion, so it might be feel skin dry out which is normal.Make sure to enhance skin moisturizing and protection from the sun. After laser treatment can also combined with moisturizing treatment which can soothes tightness.

Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser is called “lunch break beauty”,  which because there’s almost no repair period, so it does not cause visible wounds and scabs . Basically, after applying the calming mask, the redness will almost fade away. After the laser treatment you can make up, go to work, date and so on immediately.

The pulse time of  Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser is nanosecond (1 billionth of a second), Which use “light thermal decomposition effect” pulse width and pulse time is relatively long skin heat relief time, and the laser energy effect is light, it might need multiple treatment.


The pulse time of the PicoWay is PicoSecond (1 billionth of a second), the laser is able to condense large amount of energy in a very fast pulse, creating a high “peak” of energy. And energy heating on the skin for a shorter stay to reduce heat damage, so that can not harm the surrounding skin tissue, the melanin cells crushed into just like a tiny dust, more conducive to the body’s metabolism in the smooth discharge and removal, it can reduce the number of treatments.

Must know before treatment
  • Treatment is not recommended for people who are sensitive to light and have crab feet.
  • Patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes should be controlled within normal range. People with oversensitivity or special substances should inform in advance.
Post-operative care
  • At the end of the treatment, there will be temporary warm redness on the skin, which will gradually fade after the recovery with dragon blood; after treatment, light makeup can be put on.
  • Avoid using irritating products (e.g. whitening, acids, alcohol or exfoliating products) at the treatment site within 7 days after treatment. A small number of patients will have small papules and light sensitivity after surgery. As a normal phenomenon, strengthening protection and prevention will gradually improve automatically after surgery.
  • Please strengthen protection and protection. The anti-SPF is about SPF25~30. It must be wiped every 3 hours in the sun, and more physical sun protection such as sun umbrellas and sun hats can be used.
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※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.