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About MegaFill

“Allogeneic dermis” has a long history of being used in burn dressings or dermal transplantation. Advanced countries in Europe and the United States have begun to develop this technology more than 20 years ago, using allogeneic dermis as an autologous skin transplantation substitute for burns, and has well overcome the previous burn healing process caused by tissue rejection. Significant shortcomings such as scars and contractions.


Produced by L&C Bio, a major medical material manufacturer in South Korea, L&C Bio has been focusing on the field of dermis and human tissue transplantation since its establishment in 2011. After many years of research and development, it has become the chief indicator in Asia, and has a variety of international specialties such as decellular dermal cross-linking technology, dental materials and biological transplantation.


Li,Due to the stable process and excellent quality, it is not only widely used by major medical institutions in South Korea, but also has a leading position in the global medical materials market.

Product advantages

1. High safety: professional processing and sterilization methods, different body dermis already exists in the body, reducing rejection, is a safe and qualified medical product.


2. High compatibility: Heterogeneic dermis has high compatibility with human tissues, eliminating the nucleus and immune-remission factors in the tissue, which is not prone to inflammatory reactions.


3. Accurate application: It is suitable for filling each part. Whether it is shaping or filling, it can have a good effect, and the texture particles are delicate, reducing the formation of nodules, concave and convex inequality. There is no recovery period for needlehole injection, and the care of wounds is very simple and will not affect daily life.


4. Strong support: allogeneic dermal powder is taken from real tissue and transformed. Its material is soft and natural, and it has a high degree of toughness. Compared with other injections, it has better support and stability.


5. Semi-permanent: After the allogeneic dermal powder is compatible with human tissue, depending on the individual’s constitution, about 70-80% of the volume capacity can survive smoothly and remain like its own dermis, so it can achieve a semi-permanent maintenance effec.

Common Q&A
MegaFill allogeneic dermal powder components include extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin, protein and polyacchan) elements, which can be applied to the whole body. Common parts include the face, neck, chest, private areas and other areas, and are also very suitable for filling irregular lines of different depths.

The first application is mainly to stabilize the overall tissue. At the same time, observe the survival status of “allogeneic dermal powder”. After a week to 1 month of observation and recovery period, the second application is carried out, which can make the bond between allogeneic dermal powder and the connective tissue more stable.


If the legal tattoo is more serious, it can be supplemented for the third time to achieve a significant and semi-permanent maintenance effect.

Allogeneic dermal powder is immediately supported at the beating site after injection. It does not flow, does not move, does not swell, and has almost no recovery period. Therefore, it has a very good effect immediately. After injection, it has a micro-critical skin integration period of 1-3 months, and the remaining after partial absorption becomes the autologous skin in the body.
Original factory certified
Preoperative instructions
  • Patients with scar hyperplasia such as allergy or crab foot swelling, systemic or injection site infection, cardiovascular disease and the use of anticoagulant drugs need to be evaluated by a doctor.
  • If a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, it is forbidden to give a beating.
  • Patients who have had surgery or placed a prosthesis at the beating site, or who have been treated with hyaluronic acid, water microcrystalline and other fillers in the past month should inform the doctor in advance.
  • It is forbidden to beat those who are allergic to Shu Yan Cui.
  • It is forbidden to use Aspirin before injection to avoid blood stasis at the injection site.
Postoperative care
  • Redness, swelling, pain and itching may occur at the injection site, and it will gradually ease in about 3-7 days.
  • Do not use cosmetics and other irritating substances within 24 hours after injection to avoid touching water.
  • It is forbidden to do facial, exercise vigorously, drink, stay up late and other behaviors within a month.
  • Avoid going to hot places within a week, such as three warm places, ovens, steam rooms, swimming pools, etc.
  • Strengthen moisture retention, cleanliness and sun protection, and pay attention to a balanced diet.
※ Treatment effects and recovery periods may vary from one individual to another. Hence, information provided on the official website is for reference only.